Friends of the Hammerheads

Besides sponsors the Hammerheads also have friends who support the team both in person and financially. These curling enthusiasts have already become Friend of the Hammerheads:

 Ben Wiegers ♦♦♦♦

 Gerda Vermeulen ♦♦♦

 Wim Neeleman ♦♦♦

 Hans Vermeulen ♦♦

 Margrietha Voskuilen

 Jaap Veerman

 Floris van Imhoff

 Gus van Imhoff

 Denise Wytinck

 Dennis Wytinck

 Maaike Plum

 GSU, Eneco Installatiebedrijven ♦♦♦

 Textieldrukkerij Amsterdam

You can become a Friend of the Hammerheads by sending an email by clicking here and donate € 70,- to our team.

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